The Cork


The discreet guardian of wine

Illustration le Bouchon de Liège

With its long expertise in cork manufacture, Lafitte Group designs and develops a range of complete solutions, based on an exceptional natural product: cork.

We combine its irreproachable qualities with an innovative processing and production procedure, to provide products with unique characteristics.

Our approach

Revealing the strength
of the material

The natural cork stopper is a noble product, directly resulting from the punching of carefully selected strips of cork. Its properties offer a unique ageing environment for wine, without the risk of oxidation and preserving its aromatic identity. The natural cork stopper is an excellent product, essential for wines intended for long ageing.

Révéler la force de la matière

Our goal

Perfecting the tasting experience

Parfaire l'expérience de la dégustation

A pioneering company, Lafitte Group places the research and development of innovative solutions at the heart of its business, to capture the best that cork has to offer. PerfectGO technology, a major innovation developed by the Group, detects and discards corks with a corked taste, to ensure that the tasting experience is always perfect.