Like a fine wine, the history of
Lafitte Group gets better with time.

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A unique blend of expertise

Lafitte Group

Like a fine wine, the history of Lafitte Group gets better with time. Heirs to an entrepreneurial family adventure, we have been able to make the most of our experience over the years to become one of the world’s leading specialist players in corks and capsules for the wine sector.

Today, we bring together the best international expertise in our two business areas: the production of cork stoppers for wine and spirits; printing and forming of capsules for wine, oils and spirits. We develop a wide range of products and solutions for our customers, meeting the same demanding quality requirements throughout the design and manufacturing process.

Our commitments

For more than a century, Lafitte Group has been committed to offering excellent products: faithful guardians, and the last layer of protection for the aromas they enclose, our corks and capsules will enhance your products.

A family business that has become a

Worldwide Benchmark

With a portfolio of more than 6,000 customers throughout the world, we have been able to apply our historic expertise without compromising the close relations that we have built with our partners. Close relations that we also cultivate on the ground, as Lafitte Group now has a presence in France, Germany, Portugal, Italy, Spain, the United States and Chile. Through the solid trusting relationship that we have been able to establish with each of our customers, Lafitte Group has positioned itself as the partner of their success, in the service of their ambitions.

Key figures

The Cork Stopper


production plants

(Portugal, Spain)


finishing plants

(France, Italy, USA, Chile)


million cork stoppers

produced each year


million euros

annual turnover

The Capsule


production plants

(France, Spain, Germany, Chile)




million capsules

produced each year



annual turnover

Lafitte Group

Established throughout the world.

Our watchword

from the start

Just like the noble cork oak, we cultivate excellence. For Lafitte Group, excellence means the high standards met by each of our solutions, and compliance with legal standards and regulations. It also means the ability to reinvent ourselves, to anticipate our customers’ expectations, and to devise innovative solutions. A proactive approach that knows no limits and the quest for continuous improvement, supported by all group employees. Excellence is also about passion: taking up new challenges, responding to new issues of sustainability and respect for the environment, while perpetuating Lafitte Group’s traditions and history.

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