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Like a fine wine, the history of Lafitte Group gets better with time. Heirs to an entrepreneurial family adventure, we have been able to make the most of our experience over the years to become one of the world’s leading specialist players in corks and capsules for the wine sector.

About us
Bouteille Lafitte Group

For more than a century, Lafitte Group has been committed to offering excellent products: faithful guardians, and the last layer of protection for the aromas they enclose, our corks and capsules will enhance your products.

Jean-françois Lafitte

Lafitte Groupe
Bouchon de liege

The discreet guardian of wine

The Cork

With its long expertise in cork manufacture, Lafitte Group designs and develops a range of complete solutions, based on an exceptional natural product: cork. We combine its irreproachable qualities with an innovative processing and production procedure, to provide products with unique characteristics.

The Cork Stopper
Lafitte Groupe - Le bouchon de liège

The final touch

The Capsule

To offer a global support solution to our customers, we have developed a wide range of innovative and high-quality capsules, in compliance with the environmental requirements in force.

The capsule
Bouchon de liege
Lafitte Groupe - La Capsule

Lafitte Group

Our commitments

Our approach to quality is the common factor that brings together all Lafitte Group activities, and reflects our policy of excellence. Each step in our production process is subject to an integrated control and verification system.

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